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Starting the Zaino Routine

California Duster

Power Polish

Porter Cable Orbital

Detailing the Engine Bay

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Cleaning a Soft Tonneau

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Customer Rides Include:

Accura TL
Pontiac Trans Ams
Mustang GTs
Mustang Cobras
Roush Mustang
Shelby Mustangs
Pontiac Solstice
Ford Lightning
Ford Harley Edition


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don't get waxed ­ get zaino

zaino is my car care routine make it yours



Zaino car care products work together to give your vehicle the smoothest paint and the deepest shine. You can use specific products in isolation or for specific tasks - but for ultimate show quality shine, I encourage you to consider using the entire routine.

I have used a variety of products over the years and have not found anything that compares to the results that I can achieve with Zaino. You can apply Zaino with an orbital polisher (such as the Porter Cable 7424), but you can achieve the same results by hand.

I have now used Zaino exclusively on our trucks for the last 4 years. Both trucks have received numerous awards at a variety of car shows held in northern and central Alberta. I can't guarantee that Zaino will transform your ride into a show winner, but I can guarantee that you will be amazed with the results you will achieve and that you will be a Zaino convert.


My Zaino Tips

1. Because Zaino Show Car Polish is optically perfect (99.9%) The optimum results are achieved by using over wax free paint.

2. If you are looking for the ultimate paint surface preparation. Use Zaino Z-18 ClayBar first or skip to Step 3.

Zaino Z-18 ClayBar was designed to remove airborne contaminants, paint overspray, water spots, rail dust, industrial fallout, diesel fuel & catalytic converter residue and any other bonded surface contaminants from paint. All cars even brand new factory paint has airborne contaminants... Here's the deal. The non-abrasive Z-18 ClayBar will remove any surface contaminants from the paint finish and not hurt the clear-coat. The ClayBar will get that paint finish smooth as glass. Now remember waterspots, bird droppings and bug guts, if left on the paint finish for any length of time, will etch into the paint finish. The ClayBar will also remove any store bought waxes....

I recommend you use the Z-7 car wash as a lubricant for the ClayBar. Just make sure to keep the surface area lubricated while using the ClayBar. Use 1 capful of Z-7 car wash to 12 ounces of water. For best results use a spray bottle for the mix. Shake it up and spray the area to be Clayed. Just make sure to keep the surface area lubricated while using the ClayBar.

3. Make sure to remove the wax buildup on your paint. This way you can properly dtermine the true nature of your paint's finish. Just use Liquid Dawn (hand dishwashing liquid) as a car wash. It has a high alkaline content which cuts right thru carnauba wax, paraffin, silicone oils, etc. This will get your paint finish squeeky clean and wax free.

Do not make a habit of washing your car with Dawn. But for this scenario it's fine. High alkaline products like Dawn are tough on polishes. It will never harm the paint finish though. A car wash is made specifically to clean without removing durable polishes. ALSO, Make sure you remove any water spots, before you apply my products. Because Zaino has no abrasives or harsh solvents it will not remove water spots or stains. Z-18 ClayBar is great for removing any paint surface contaminants. Re-wash the entire vehicle with Z-7 Car Wash immediately after the ClayBar Process.

4. The basic products you will need ZFX accelerator additive mixed with Z-2, Z-2, Z-5, Z-6 and Z-7.

5. Start with either ZFX accelerator / Z2 mix. Remember do not wipe off the ZFX Polish Lok. Now apply Z-2 directly over the ZFX/Z2 mix. Let dry and wait at least 60 minutes. Then buff out. You can now use he Z-6 gloss enhancer for a mirror finish.

Have some swirls? Z-5 is your ticket for a swirl free, flawless paint finish. Usually one to three coats will accomplish that.

6. Let Z-5 or Z-2 polish dry at least one hour.

Please note: Zaino Show Car Polish works best at 60 degrees or higher. However, it can be applied down to temperatures of 45 degrees. It just will take much, much longer to dry. As much as two to three hours drying time is required if the temperature is 50 degrees or below. Also, If the humidity is high. Longer drying time is necessary. Humidity is a killer on the drying time of Z-2 or Z-5. The moisture in the air hinders drying time up to four times longer than normal. Sorry, but I can't help this. When you try to remove Z-2 or Z-5 when it is still wet all you're accomplishing is moving it around. Kinda like reapplying it. Also you need to use a microfibre buffing towel (2) (please refer to my Tips & Tricks sheet on my web site for the proper towels to use) to remove Z-2 or Z-5. Smaller towels will not work efficiently.

I am in Edmonton, Alberta and have a complete stock of zaino product.

Yes, I make deliveries and am happy to guide customers on the best way to detail their vehicles for maximum results with minimum effort.

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